Aura Lime Polypropylene Shaggy Rug by Rug Guru


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Made from resilient and long-lasting heat set 100% polypropylene material, our Aura Shaggy Plain Lime Polypropylene Rug By Rug Guru has soft, warm and comfy texture that is ideal for protecting your feet from the cold wooden or laminate floors. Its quality material will hold up the wear and tear of the rug in high traffic areas of your home and is stain and fade resistant, hence wonderful in placing in patio areas of your home. Its pleasing light green colour and tick pile will infuse an aura of class and refinement to your room. This beautiful rug is available in60x110cm, 80x150cm, 120x160cm, 133x190cm, 160x230cm, 67x200cm and 120 diameter (circle) sizes.