Aura Red Polypropylene Shaggy Rug by Rug Guru


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Our remarkably gorgeous Aura Shaggy Plain Red Polypropylene Rug By Rug Guru will gracefully refurbish your interior home décor. Its rich red Colour is very vibrant and will surely trim up any dull looking interior. Obtainable in 60x110cm, 80x150cm, 120x160cm, 133x190cm, 160x230cm, 67x200cm and 120 diameter (circle) sizes, this sumptuous rug is made up of polypropylene and will surely furnish you heavenly comfort and durability. Its thick shag yarn is perfect for pampering your toes. This fine-looking rug can be placed in your bedroom or living room and will go perfectly well with your contemporary style décor.